June 8, 2015 /
Casey Manning

What is a certified arborist?

Around this time of year, we often hear from folks with trees that are showing some sign of distress. With provided photos and descriptions, we can often offer guidance, but will almost always suggest that these people schedule a consultation with a certified arborist.

Why is hiring a certified arborist to inspect a tree in person so important?

General tree care (including watering, mulching and light pruning) can be properly done by almost anyone with some basic training, but assessing a tree’s greater needs and performing tasks (including any work within 10 feet for a utility, work that cannot be performed with hand tools, or work involving larger prunings or any sort of tree removal) should be performed by a professional with the tree’s best interest in mind.

Certified arborists are experienced professionals who have passed an extensive examination covering all aspects of tree care. These individuals are tested and certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. They can assess the health of your tree, diagnose diseases and pests, recommend alternatives to tree removal and generally determine the best next steps for your tree’s survival.

Visit our Resources page for information on finding a certified arborist.