Temperature Study

We will be testing to see if there is a difference between the air temperature under the shade of a tree and in the direct sun. This may seem like common knowledge, but we believe in the power of data and we want to bring that to decision-makers, policy designers (and research scientists) everywhere. If you choose to participate, you will need to take 3-5 readings a week (although you can do more) from mid-July through September. NOTE: only available to D.C. residents.

We will send you two thermometers that you can leave outside – you will simply need to take the readings and record them in the online spreadsheet that we provide. After you send us your address we will send you two free thermometers. Then you can install them (via suction cup provided) somewhere in the District and start taking readings!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What date should I start taking temperatures

You should start taking temperatures when you receive your thermometers in the mail.

How many times a day/ week should I take temperature?

You should take 3-5 readings a week. You can take more if you want!

Does time of day matter when taking temperatures?

You can vary the time you take the readings, but we prefer during the day. Three times a day is preferred, but not required.

How/ where should I install the thermometer?

The thermometers come with suction cups. You can install them on windows very easily. Install one under a tree shaded window and the other in the sun! Its as simple as that. If possible, install the thermometers at work so you can check it during your breaks or at lunchtime. The thermometers can the rigged up via string if windows are not an option.

Where/how should I record the temperatures I’ll be taking?

We will send you a link that you will use to record your temperatures. You will record the date, the time you are taking the reading, the sun temperature, the shade temperature, and the address where the thermometers are located.

What if I’m traveling/ vacationing/ commuting daily? How can I participate?

If you are traveling you can give your thermometers to a friend to record for the time you are away and get them involved. If you are commuting, you can use the thermometers at your work if your work is in the District. If your vacation isn’t long, perhaps try to squeeze in your 3-5 measurements at the early end of one week and the late end of another!

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