Conservation Easements

Conservation easements are voluntary and legally binding agreements that limit certain types of uses or prevents development from taking place on a piece of property now and in perpetuity to protect important conservation values — including preserving existing tree canopy and open spaces that could support trees in the future.

Casey Trees is proud to be the first and only for-purpose organization to serve as an easement holder for private and public lands in the District. In July 2015, Casey Trees accepted its first conservation easement — Crispus Attucks Park — a public community park occupying the courtyard space behind a single city block of houses in Northwest D.C.

Situations where conservation easements could provide benefit include lands:

  • Currently supporting trees or vacant lands that could support trees in the future
  • Located adjacent to ecologically sensitive areas such as rivers and streams
  • Adjoining lots that when protected together provide larger open spaces
  • Abutting parks, schools, historic sites and other areas of special interest
  • Set aside by developers for open space or to meet storm water credit requirements
  • City owned parcels that community members would like to remain parkland and/or greenspace in perpetuity

By placing land in conservation easements, Casey Trees aims to protect existing trees and ensure residents and visitors have ready access to tree-filled open spaces for generations to come.

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