DC Tree Inventory Map

Tour the city and its trees for their ecosystem benefits and contributions to the District’s canopy.

Casey Trees and citizen scientists have been working their way through parks across D.C. to quantify the state of our urban forest. Over the past couple of years, we have inventoried thousands of trees stretching across national monuments, recreation centers, schools and more. These trees have been cataloged for their species, height, diameter, tree health and canopy characteristics. This map displays both physical characteristics as well as their measurable benefits: From carbon storage, avoided stormwater runoff to air pollution removal.

Want Casey Trees to help measure a park in your neighborhood? Nominate your park today.

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By understanding our urban forest’s structure, function and value, we can promote management decisions that will improve human health and environmental quality in the nation’s capital. Join us in collecting the data we need to ensure D.C.’s trees are healthy. These events occur when leaves are on the trees from spring through fall. If you’re interested in volunteering, check out our upcoming park inventories and sign up for our weekly newsletter The Leaflet to know when to register.