March 11, 2024 /
Christina Hester

Youth Earth Day Challenge

As Earth Day approaches, we’re inviting schools to embark on a month-long celebration of environmental awareness and activism with our second annual Youth Earth Day Challenge. This initiative encourages schools to showcase their commitment to the urban forest while helping students foster a sense of responsibility toward their environment.

Throughout April, schools are encouraged to partake in a series of Earth Day Challenges, with submissions accepted at any time. Each participating school has the chance to win exciting prizes, ranging from species guides to tree plantings and more. The winners will be announced in early May!

The challenge offers a diverse range of activities tailored to students of any grade. For early learners in PreK, the focus is on creative expression through activities like Tree Bingo and a Tree Design project centered around leaf design. In the K-2nd Grade Challenge, students are encouraged to exhibit responsibility through the Tree Care Relay or express themselves via an Earth Day Rap or Poem. The 3rd-5th Grade Challenge promotes climate-consciousness with options to create an 18″ x 24″ poster or a one-minute video advocating a climate solution. Middle school students engage in leaf and ecosystem exploration using Casey Trees’ science worksheets. High school participants undertake the Earth Day Hero Comic Strip Design, researching and creatively showcasing the impact of historical climate change activists. These grade-specific challenges aim to instill a sense of environmental responsibility and inspire students across various age groups.

Learn more about the Youth Earth Day Challenge today and help to make a tangible difference in caring for our urban forest. By participating in these engaging activities, students not only contribute to a healthier environment but also develop an understanding of their role as environmental stewards.