February 12, 2024 /
Christina Hester

Casey Trees x CCP

We are thrilled to share that Casey Trees has been recognized as Chesapeake Conservation Partnership’s (CCP) 100th partner organization!

Since its establishment in 2009, the CCP has played a pivotal role in fostering collaboration among diverse organizations and agencies committed to land conservation in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. This achievement underscores the significance of collective efforts and highlights the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change.

Casey Trees joins a prestigious group of partners, including federal agencies, tribes, non-profit organizations, and regional entities, with representation in each of the six states within the Chesapeake Bay watershed’s boundary. Our partnership emphasizes the strength derived from the diversity of individual organizations actively engaged in a collaborative agenda to achieve the permanent protection of landscapes.

The expansion of the CCP is not merely about numbers; it represents a commitment to addressing the major barriers faced in land conservation through creative and collaborative solutions. As stated in the CCP Charter, “The Partnership’s strength is in the diversity of its individual organizations that actively engage in creating and executing a collaborative agenda to continue to achieve the permanent protection of landscapes.”

One of the key benefits of this partnership lies in the diverse perspectives that come together to identify and address the various reasons for conserving vital landscapes, including economic sustainability, cultural heritage, wildlife habitat, water quality, and overall quality of life. By taking a holistic approach to land conservation, the CCP ensures meaningful efforts to preserve the natural landscapes of the Chesapeake Bay for all communities.

Casey Trees is proud to contribute to this collaborative effort, recognizing the importance of intertwining rich cultural heritage with conservation initiatives. As an organization dedicated to restoring, enhancing, and protecting our nation’s capital, we are excited to be part of this dynamic coalition.

We invite you to explore our land conservation nomination and land donation page, as we continue to work towards the permanent protection of landscapes within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

We are honored to be recognized as the 100th partner and look forward to contributing to the collaborative efforts of the Chesapeake Conservation Partnership.