Header with half Naturally Latinos Conf. and half Hyattsville pruning.

January 29, 2024 /
Christina Hester

Engaging with our Community

Last week, Casey Trees took significant strides in fostering community engagement by conducting a pruning training session with the City of Hyattsville and participating in Nature Forward’s “Naturally Latinos” conference. These initiatives reflect our commitment to promoting environmental awareness, community involvement, and sustainable urban forestry practices.

Casey Trees collaborated with the City of Hyattsville to conduct a structural pruning training session. This hands-on workshop provided city employees with valuable skills and knowledge related to proper tree care and maintenance. Every tree has a specific form, like the rounded shape of a cherry tree or the pyramidal shape of most evergreens. Structural pruning helps maintain a tree’s natural form, while reducing the chances of broken and malformed limbs in later years.

We are proud to say that this is our second year of structural pruning training with our partners, the City of Hyattsville’s DPW tree crew. There were three returning crew members, Anthony, Kevin, Randolph, so our group focused on more advanced pruning theory and practices. After an in-class refresher building on the training from last year we got out into the field and worked through right-of-way trees in Hyattsville.

This will save Hyattsville thousands of dollars in future maintenance costs, while creating connections to nearby residents to encourage more planting to benefit the entire Hyattsville community. Structural pruning results in trees that live long, stay strong, and provide decades of maintenance-free shade and beauty. If you think your young tree could benefit, sign up on our website to request a pruning consultation. Hiring Casey Trees to prune your tree will not only extend its life, but by doing business with us, you’ll also be helping us to plant more trees through our many planting programs, including our residential planting program, RiverSmart Homes. And, if you think your community/town could benefit from a training session in structural pruning, contact us at and we’d be happy to discuss.

In addition to the training, we were also able to attend Nature Forward’s “Naturally Latinos” conference. Themed “Perteneciendo: Nuestras Raíces, Nuestra Tierra (Belonging: Our Roots, Our Earth),” this multi-media experience provided virtual and in-person dialogue, presentations and performances focused on the needs and interests of Latine environmental professionals, environmental justice advocates, educators, and nature enthusiasts – providing a platform for discussions on nature, conservation, and sustainable practices within the Latino community.

Casey Trees sponsored and attended the conference, recognizing the importance of involving diverse communities in the conversation about environmental stewardship. The conference offered a space for Casey Trees to share insights on the significance of urban forestry and green spaces in creating healthier and more vibrant communities.

Through our involvement in the Naturally Latinos conference, Casey Trees aims to break down barriers and encourage inclusivity within the environmental movement. By being present at this conference that highlights the intersectionality of environmental issues and cultural diversity, we were able to learn from great speakers, and will bring these lessons with us as we strive to create a more holistic and community-driven approach to urban forestry.