January 23, 2023 /
Christina Hester

Hey Wizards Fans!

Here at Casey Trees, we know that sports and the outdoors go hand in hand, and with that, we’ve collaborated with numerous Washington based sports teams to plant trees at many local parks.

Sports and the environment are two intertwined areas and can often be beneficial to each other. One example of this is when sports facilities are built with energy-efficient materials and designs that reduce the environmental impact of their construction.

Additionally, people listen to the voices of athletes, and when they choose to use their voice/platform to support and advocate for environmental causes – it creates a snowball effect of other people wanting to do the same. We should be mindful of the environmental impacts of our sports activities and strive to make them as sustainable and positively impactful as possible.

Now, in a new and exciting way, we’re partnering up with our very own Wizards! Please join the Washington Wizards and Casey Trees on Saturday March 4th vs. the Raptors to promote environmental awareness. A portion of each ticket purchased will go toward planting trees in the DMV area. Get your tickets for the Green Night game HERE!