June 6, 2022 /
Casey Trees

June is Conservation Month

At Casey Trees many things can fall under “conservation,” in fact, our mission to restore, enhance, and protect is very much in line with Conservation Month’s philosophies of maintaining and restoring habitats, enhancing ecosystem services, and protecting biological diversity!  

It’s not only important to advocate for trees or habitats, but also for the available green spaces and their soil that can support the growth of those large canopy trees and many other beneficial ecosystems. The best way to conserve is to preserve the land trees grown on!

Our Conservation Easement program aims to conserve land for existing and future trees to thrive, for the benefit of all for generations to come. Check out some of our current easements and conservation easement nomination form, to tell us where you want to prioritize green space. Our Policy and Land Conservation team will work to help transform those vacant green spaces in the city into vibrant, healthy neighborhood parks.