January 3, 2022 /
Jona Elwell

Snow is Here: how does it affect trees?

After an exceedingly mild winter (including a Christmas in the 60s), this snowstorm is quite the change! While we can never quite predict the snow in our area, we do have a few helpful tips to keep your trees happy:

  • Inspect your trees. Trees may need structural pruning if they have damaged branches. Find pruning how-to videos on our website. You can also hire Casey Trees and have one of our certified arborists visit your home/property.
  • Remove snow and ice from young and newly planted trees. Removing snow and ice from the tree’s branches will protect tree branches from bending and breaking. Gentle shakes and brushing off with our hands will do for young trees. 
  • See a street tree (those in the right of way between the sidewalk and the street) in need of some TLC? Report it to the Urban Forestry Division via 311.      
  • Avoid sweeping salt into tree boxes. Salt can make it more difficult for roots to absorb water, even into spring. Not to mention it affects the waterways, aquatic life, and has an impact on vehicles and roadways. Please shovel your snow and keep the salt on your dinner table.
  • Revel in the benefits of snow. Although many trees are dormant in winter, their roots still need moisture. Snow provides a slow absorption of water into the ground that ultimately helps soil stay moist and avoid desiccation.

Check out more tips for year-round tree care here, as well as videos, tutorials, and more!