September 27, 2021 /
Jona Elwell

Casey Trees Headquarters Street Tree Tour

Street trees, those in the right of way between the sidewalk and the street and managed and maintained by our friends and partners at The Urban Forestry Division (UFD) of DDOT. While we track every tree we plant in our database, we don’t keep a running list of street trees. Thankfully, UFD does, and not only are there maps of all the street trees they have tons of other fun data and maps available! 

The street tree map, in particular, is one of our faves. It will help take your localized tree knowledge and care up a notch. To show you its magic, let’s take a tour of Casey Trees’ street trees!



In between our main headquarters building and our tree annex, we have two cherry trees and a ginkgo tree. These non-native but urban hardy trees provide color and interest to those heading north on 12th Street NE. They’re also nicely complemented by the trees in our rain garden at our tree planting annex! Another great thing about the street tree map is we can see the size and health of our trees. Thankfully all of these are in good health.


Check out how much our street trees have grown in just a few years:


Around the corner on Irving Street NE we have a wonderfully diverse selection of trees including a willow oak as well as an ironwood and a yellowwood. These tough urban trees are well suited for the trials and tribulations of tree box life. They also provide shade and beautiful yellow-tinged fall foliage.

Are you wondering what trees burst into bright colors in the fall (or spring) along your walk to school, drive to the office, or are outside your favorite neighborhood spot? Thanks to our friends at the Urban Forestry Division you can check them out! Knowledge is power.

Snap some pics of your favorite street tree and send them to or tag us @caseytrees on Instagram! We will be sharing your favorites all month long and our favorite street tree find will get a $50 gift card to our online store!