July 6, 2021 /
Jona Elwell

Let’s Give a Warm Welcome to Alex Kew, Our Communications and Events Associate!

Alex Kew will be a familiar face at our upcoming Casey Trees Events! As a former member of our Tree Operations Crew, she is excited to get back in the field and work aside volunteers. 

So what brought her to Casey Trees, what are her favorite DC spots, and what was her pandemic hobby? Find out below!

Casey Trees (CT): Welcome to Casey Trees! Tell us, who is Alex Kew?
Alex Kew (AK): Hi everyone! I am Alex, your new Communications and Events Associate, a recent DC transplant, and an avid tree hugger! I moved here this past November from Boston to start a position as a Crew Chief with Casey Trees before transitioning to my new role. Before working here, I served two AmeriCorp terms out in Tucson, Arizona, where I cut my teeth in fieldwork. I worked a season on a trail crew in the Coronado National Forest and a season on a chainsaw crew near Flagstaff and the Gila River. Before that, I graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in Economics and Environmental Studies and am thrilled to be working in the environmental space. 

CT: What drew you to Casey Trees?
AK: As a lifelong environmentalist, I wanted to spend my time working with an organization that aligned with my beliefs and where I could make a positive impact on our planet. Casey Trees turned out to be just that place! With my passion for environmental stewardship and varied field experience, I was drawn to Casey Trees through our Tree Operations department. I first joined the team as an Urban Forestry Crew Chief, where I spent my days digging, planting, pruning, watering, and getting my hands dirty all across the city in the name of enhancing our urban canopy. Working with the crew was great fun, and I learned a ton about trees and tree care. These days, I’m a part of our Communications and Development team and excited to connect with our community in a new way. (But don’t worry – you can still find me out covered in dirt rolling rootbags from time to time!)

CT: As a recent DC transplant, what is your favorite weekend spot?
AK: My favorite weekend spot for a good sunny day has got to be my local community garden Wangari Gardens. While on the crew, I pruned several fruit trees in the orchard and learned about the garden community. I now have a plot in the garden where I’ve been growing some veggies. I’m looking forward to making some delicious meals with my fresh produce this summer! 

CT: What are three things you can wait to chat about with volunteers? 
There are so many things I am excited to chat with our volunteers about, but here are just a few:

  1. What inspires our volunteers to get out and do the hard work of planting, watering, and caring for trees with us? 
  2. What brought our volunteers specifically to Casey Trees in the first place, and especially for our long-time volunteers? What has kept them with us for so long?
  3. Has anyone been getting into anything fun to stay this past year afloat? I’ve been teaching myself to rollerblade and doing a lot of gardening and baking!

CT: What are you most excited about this coming season?
AK: I am most excited to meet all of our volunteers, get back out in the field with them, and get our hands dirty! The pandemic was

 in full swing during my time on the crew, so I have yet to meet any of our volunteers or attend events. However, my crewmates couldn’t stop talking about how much fun the volunteer events and Community Tree Plantings were back in the day, so I’m looking forward to getting back to that! 

CT: We’re predictable – do you have a favorite tree?
AK: What a tricky question! I had a big pine tree in my front yard growing up, taller than our house. I always loved to play under with my sister and friends, so I’d have to say a good pine tree. But I’ll admit I also love a wise old willow oak, and as a newbie to the mid-Atlantic, I have been enchanted by the redbud blooms this spring! 

See Alex and get to know more about her and all of our upcoming Casey Trees volunteer opportunities at events this summer! 

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Saturday, July 24th – Community Tree Care: Dakota Playground 

And keep an eye on the Leaflet for more tree care events this summer and plantings this fall!