July 19, 2021 /
Italia Peretti

Just Another Manic Meme-Day

At Casey Trees, our motto is connecting people to trees, through trees, and we pride ourselves on trying to connect as many different people to trees in new and creative ways! 

If you follow us on social media you have probably seen our memes*. What started out as a funny one-off, to throw our hat in the ring of this social media phenomenon quickly became a totally new way people started connecting with us! We are humbled by how many of you followed, like, share, and comment on the regular. 

So here are a few of our favorite and most popular memes — check out our Instagram for more and the latest!

*An Internet meme, more commonly known simply as a meme is an idea, behavior, or style (meme) that is spread via the Internet, often through social media platforms and especially for humorous purposes.

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