Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Wrapping Up a Most Unusual Year

At Casey Trees, we have been working to restore, enhance, and protect the urban forest of the nation’s capital for over twenty years. Working to plan and plant with communities, residents, businesses, and schools to tailor plantings to each unique space. 

However, this year was different. 

We’ve had to adapt how we fulfill our mission to restore, enhance, and protect amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In the interest of safety, we canceled all our volunteer events and relied solely on staff and crew to fill the gaps normally occupied by our many generous volunteers. 

Many hands make light work and while we don’t have nearly as many hands as we did with Team Leaders, Group Volunteers, etc, we certainly have more help! Regardless, we are looking forward to expanding our work with volunteers and our expanded crew in the coming seasons.

We’ve learned a lot this year. We’ve all adjusted how we work and I’m truly inspired by how our crew continued to work towards our mission while keeping our community and each other safe. When we said many hands make light work, we weren’t kidding! Last year we planted over 4,440 trees. This year? Thanks to shutdowns, stay at home orders, necessary safety protocols, and additional pandemic logistical limitations, we’ve planted 2,418 trees. We’re incredibly proud of that number – but it goes to show what an impact our volunteers make. 

While times are challenging, the energy and ideas of Casey Trees and our city remain as creative and strong as ever.  2020 was anything but expected and the outlook for 2021 is still uncertain. One thing that is certain? The work we do is still vital to trees, and there is so much more to be done! Your donation today allows our staff to continue this expansion of work – because trees need us, and we need you.

Best wishes for a safe and happy New Year from all of us at Casey Trees. Cheers to a new year and the chance of in person events someday soon!

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