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It’s the Final Countdown…

Well here we are folks. After three weeks of voting, let’s see who the finalists are:

The semi-finals of our spring-in-the-District March-Madness inspired Cherry Blossom Bracket last week pitted the perennial fave the Yoshino Cherry against the surprisingly beloved Weeping Cherry. Believe it or not the Weeping Cherry came out on top and is our first finalist! The only native tree left in the competition, the Black Cherry was easily ousted by the shiny Shirofugen Cherry, our second finalist!

So, which will it be? Cast your vote to crown the crowd favorite Cherry!

Want to see the finalists in person? See if you have any along your street or in your neighborhood by checking out our Cherry Blossoms of D.C. Map. You can also explore other beautiful blooms in your area with our Spring Blooms Map.

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