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March 30, 2020 /
Jona Elwell

Get Up and Get Out (of your Head!)

We sure are in unprecedented times and everywhere you look things seem a bit topsy turvy. This can make even the best of us feel anxious, lost, and just plain icky. While we’re not professionals, we’re recommending what we always do: enjoy nature (even if is just in your yard or online if we must). Practicing appropriate physical distancing is key (six feet away from folks!), but the benefits of nature and being outdoors on your mental state can truly work wonders. 

Here are a few ways we recommend safely enjoying nature for the time being:

Need a good book to read on a porch or in a park or backyard? We have quite the list of books featuring trees.

Want some tunes for your walk, indoor-workout, or gardening adventures? Don’t miss our Tree-mendous Tunes playlist full of songs with trees in them.

While you connect with friends, family and colleagues over the internet, be sure to connect with us too! You can follow us for urban forestry news on Facebook, comical snippets on Twitter, tree memes on Instagram, and even for a laugh on TikTok!

You can also relive the glory days of community events past via our Flickr page, which has photo albums galore…and since you are spending all that time on social media, maybe update that profile pic.

Check-out our YouTube, here is a quick Partnership Highlight: Gallaudet University & Kendall Demonstration Elementary School, featuring all start volunteer, and 2019 Canopy Award Honoree, Heidi Burns.

Stay safe and stay sane folks, we’re in this together!