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March 23, 2020 /
Jona Elwell

Executive Statement

Dear Friends:

Events surrounding the coronavirus pandemic have been daunting. We are all adjusting to a life vastly different than just a few weeks ago. At Casey Trees we are doing our best, responding to this crisis in real time to mitigate impacts as best as we are able.

During times like these I look to our core mission, motto and tree canopy goal to guide our actions. And in unprecedented circumstances like this, the strongest leg of this three-legged stool is our motto – Connecting People to Trees, Through Trees.

Like any organization, Casey Trees is nothing without its people – staff, volunteers, donors and supporters  and paramount for us in times like these is our staff. Both myself and our Board of Directors are doing everything we can to keep Casey Trees’ employees safe and employed.

For our supporters that provide financial assistance, sweat equity and contribute in so many different ways, please note we have cancelled all our events to May 1, to ensure everyone’s safety. Sadly, loss of those community connections has already had a significant negative impact on us all. Our collective success depends not just upon the number of trees planted, but on the web of support, energy and connections our events generate. In other words – we miss you.

But the trees won’t stop growing and we will get past this together. Already some of our staff are innovating ways to maintain workflows by engaging remotely, and we are already planning a larger and more robust fall planting season.

I’ll end by wishing you and your family and friends the very best of luck in these trying times. When this crisis ends, and it will end, Casey Trees will still be here. And with your support, friendship and involvement, we’ll be ready to pick up where we left off, achieving our mission for the benefit of all Washingtonians for generations to come.

All the best,

Mark Buscaino | Executive Director | Casey Trees