October 21, 2019 /
Jona Elwell

Show Pride in Your City and Win

Building a winning season is similar to building an urban canopy. 

The Nationals have continued to #StayintheFight despite a disappointing season last year and a rough start to this year’s season and now we’re World Series bound! The Mystics were swept in last year’s WNBA finals and their fierce leader herniated three disks during the second of five final games. Didn’t matter. They fought a tough opponent and earned their first WNBA Championship title. 

Their perseverance reminded us of our trials and tribulations – despite minimal rainfall (creating distressed trees and hideous planting conditions), frustrating legislative hurdles, and the ever-growing threat of impervious surfaces in the city, we’re continuing to plant trees that mitigate climate change, benefits residents, and make our city more resilient.

Winning a World Series, or even a National League title, takes more than draft picks and free agent pickups. It’s hard work and a grind. Re-treeing D.C. takes a team of caring, dedicated folks pushing to make their city better. 

Celebrate our city’s hard work – fill out this form, get a free D.C. Tree Pride Tee*, enter to win a Community or School Tree Planting this spring. D.C. pride is more than just cheering on your favorite team. Tell us why you have the most district spirit and how trees would add to your space. And like building up a winning team like the Nats – how will you maintain and add to the longevity of these trees?

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We can’t wait to hear from you and cheer for the home team.

*While supplies last; Top image by Rob Carr / Getty Images.