Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Our Biggest, Busiest, and Brightest Season Yet

Are you soaking up the last few days of 2018 with family and friends? We’re soaking in our record-breaking fall season. We had our biggest season yet in every sense of the word: the highest number of trees planted and inventories, the most volunteers, and the most sites ever! 

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We can’t break records alone though. It truly takes a village – 1,153 volunteers gave new homes to 920 trees at 24 different spots throughout all eight wards in the district. That’s 415 more people and almost twice as many trees than our last fall season!

Our tree planting numbers weren’t the only records we broke this season; our park inventory program also surpassed prior years. 345 volunteers measured a total of 1,356 trees contributing to a total of more than 16,105 trees quantified across National Monuments, District Recreational Centers, pocket parks, schools and more!

Soak up the highlights here and our flickr page, which has photos from all our events:

Our volunteers are the heart of soul of our Community Tree Planting and Inventory programs. Thanks to you we’re able to plant in places that need it most, for people that will enjoy and reap the benefits of planted trees now and for years to come.

Your hard work, dedication, and support makes our work possible. We cannot re-tree without you! Consider donating to Casey Trees today so we can continue to smash records and plant trees.

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