Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Wild and Well: A Meditative Tree Walk and Mindfulness Practice

Get well, go outside. Research from all over the world suggests that being in nature overall reduces stress levels, increases immunity, and promotes a sense of calm. Join Casey Trees, Department of Parks and Recreation and Living Classrooms on October 27 in a nature and wellness workshop to partake in a mindfulness practice and learn about trees in your neighborhood.

Casey Trees staff will guide you through two unique activities. Our staff will guide you through breathing and gentle movement exercises to encourage you to ground yourself in nature and to reap the mental and physical health benefits of wellness practice. Then you will center your focus on trees in the park, learning more about their natural history and the benefits they provide the D.C. community.

This class combines outdoor activity with holistic wellness. If you enjoy yoga outside, a walk in your park, or an hour away from the chaos of the city, this experience is for you! As with the majority of our events, no prior experience required.

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Want to spend more time outside now that fall weather has descended on the District? We’ve got events each and every weekend all over the city. Be well.

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