Blog Post By Jona Elwell

It’s Finally Fall Y’all

Fall is here and while we’ve gone from 90 degree temps to 60 degree temps and the rain is never ending, this dreary weather is good for one thing (besides watering young trees) and that’s planning!

Last year, thanks to record warm temperatures we watched leaves stay on trees longer. What will this year bring? Well, it’s been raining seemingly nonstop for weeks, which may negatively affect on our favorite fall activity – pumpkin everything! And no, we don’t mean pumpkin spice – we are talking about the beloved gourd itself. 

However, no matter how the weather shakes out this season – we have everything you need to make fall your best season yet. You can join us outside until December as we tackle our biggest and busiest planting and inventory season!

While you relax in between Casey Trees volunteer events be sure to check out our map highlighting the location of the top 5 showy fall foliage trees throughout D.C. See which species are around you and prepare to be dazzled by their annual autumnal show.

Fall is also a great time to practice your tree identification, as those changing leaves provide a helpful tool in narrowing down species. Learn why the honey locust and the red maple their common names or take your skills a step further and see if you can spot the brilliant sweetgum or the rusty red of a bald cypress.

While you’re out admiring your neighborhood’s trees, you can refresh yourself on why leaves change color in the first place (it is a bit more involved than “they die”).

Speaking of refreshing, fall is a perfect time to refresh your yard with a tree or two. The trees in our fall tree identification articles are available for little or no cost through our residential planting programs. For those trees already established in your yard, be sure to read up on our fall tree care tips to get your trees ready to brave whatever winter throws our way.

Whether you enjoy fall outside with us at a volunteer event, wandering around on your own, or in your yard planting away, be sure to take advantage of the best show in town – trees!

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