September 17, 2018 /
Kristin Taddei, Planning Advocate

Advocacy Works: Casey Trees and its Advocates Use Climate Ready DC to Show How

Planting, pruning, citizen science. What do you picture when you think of these actions? Your shovel hitting the dirt? The way your hard hat matches your pruning ensemble? The sound of rustling leaves as you gauge canopy health?

These activities are essential for ensuring that our city’s urban forest continues to thrive. But in addition to these important roles, Casey Trees offers volunteers another – sometimes less tangible – opportunity: tree advocacy.

Casey Trees’ Certified Tree Advocates give a voice to the District’s trees by influencing local policies and development projects. Sometimes it’s difficult to picture what this looks like. That’s why we started Advocacy Works! – A new series that will highlight the work of our instrumental tree advocates, on a project-by-project basis.

We are excited to share the first video and interactive web page in this new series, which focuses on advocates’ involvement in the city’s now-final Climate Ready DC plan. A draft of this plan was released in 2016 to establish climate adaptation strategies that protect communities from the dangerous flooding and severe storms projected for D.C. Tree advocates collaborated with D.C.’s Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) to include tree-specific solutions that keep our city cool and dry.


Interested in becoming a Certified Tree Advocate? Join us for Stand Up for Trees, held twice a year in summer and winter. As a Certified Tree Advocate, you’ll gain access to tools and resources to bolster your advocacy work and receive exclusive invitations to advocacy classes and events. Let’s work together to ensure that D.C. continues to be the City of Trees.