April 9, 2018 /
Evan Kieber

Subscribe and Save… Trees!

As spring arrives and cherry and magnolia blooms bring color to the District, we are reminded of the cyclical nature of trees. Tree care also has a cyclical nature – in spring we ramp up our community tree plantings, but in the summer when the pink blossoms give way to a canopy of green leaves we focus more on watering and inventories. And then it’s back to plantings as the leaves change in autumn, and not to be forgotten are winter pruning when all but the evergreens lose their leaves.

But despite the changes that many trees go through over the course of a year, they’re a constant presence in our lives that we often take for granted. But what can you do, short of marrying your favorite tree, to make a commitment to these trees and keep them in your lives? By becoming a Casey Trees Evergreen Member you can make a yearlong investment in trees – both those that stay green all year, and those that cycle through different phases.

Our Evergreen Members make a monthly gift, committing to the yearlong care of the District’s trees. For as little as $5 a month, you can help us provide this care in all seasons, helping trees thrive and reach maturity where they can make the greatest impact on our environment and communities. And like all our members, you get priority registration to our plantings and other events – making it easier to actively take part in taking care of the trees you’re supporting!