Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Shutdown Blues Set In? We Can Keep You Busy!

While we work mostly with local District partners, we’re aware that many of our constituents, volunteers, donors, and advocates who work within the Federal government may have found themselves with quite a few free hours this week due to the dreaded Government Shutdown.

Although chores and long standing to-dos are probably the more responsible choice for activities to fill your shutdown void, how about some rad tree related things?

  1. Check out what development projects are happening around you and comment in support of trees and greenspace! We have our handy dandy map based tracker of advocacy projects.
  2. Educate yourself with the benefits of D.C.’s trees.  How much carbon does D.C.’s urban forest store and how many vehicles is that equal to? How much water can D.C.’s trees filter annually? How many pounds of pollutants can our trees remove from the air? Find out all that and more in our i-Tree Eco Report.
  3. Brush up on your tree skills with any of our how-to videos.
  4. Check out some fresh finds at our online store. We have sun hats, our new shirts, thermal water bottles, and more!
  5. Find what street trees you look at each day with the Street Tree Map that details each street tree throughout the city, labeled with the species, size, and health of the tree. Want to know if an empty tree box will be planted? Check out the Scheduled Tree Planting Map. Bummed there isn’t a tree in a box and there aren’t plans to plant it? Submit a planting request through 311.

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