Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Jessica Sanders is a Trail Blazer Award Finalist

Each year since 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation has presented awards at its annual recognition program for work at the international, national, state, and community levels to recognize conservation efforts such as tree planting and care, Arbor Day celebrations, education, community projects, and roadside beautification.

We are psyched to announce that our very own Jessica Sanders has been selected as a finalist for The Trail Blazer Award! This award recognizes an individual under the age of 35 who has demonstrated leadership in forestry, community forestry, research, or tree care during the past five years. The Award winner exhibits a collaborative spirit that inspires others to give their time, effort, and resources to improve our understanding of trees, tree planting, or tree care.

Considering Jess’ hard work and dedication towards expanding and improving our citizen science program, we can see why she is a Trail Blazer. Congratulations Jess! 

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