October 2, 2017 /
Jona Elwell

Marking Howard University’s Sesquicentennial

In 1867, nine historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) were founded. One of those is the District’s very own Howard University. In celebration of its sesquicentennial and the legacy of 150 years, Howard joined up with the other eight HBCUs to mark this momentous occasion.

We were thrilled to help them mark 150 years by adding a willow oak to the famous Yard, outside of the Carnegie building. The theme for this year’s celebration is “The Time is Always Now,” a recognition that these are the moments when challenges are overcome, opportunities recognized and a future built. To act, learn, give, serve and excel—at Howard the time has always been, and will always be, now. We have to add – the time is always now to plant and care for trees to help build a greener and healthier future.

In addition to planting a tree to commemorate 150 years of Howard, we were also able to partner with them for Trees 201. Howard was the ideal backdrop to learn more identifying characteristics of trees and to practice those skills. After a crash course in tree ID, our volunteers – including Howard students – headed out on campus to identify, inventory, and measure trees because after all, you can’t manage what you don’t know.


We’re looking forward to what the next 150 years brings for Howard University and the canopy of the District!