Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Help Shape the Future of Our Trees with Sustainable DC 2.0

Next year, our city’s Sustainable DC plan turns 5. To reflect changes in city policies and programs since the plan was first released, the Department of Energy and Environment is creating a new plan: Sustainable DC 2.0. Trees and nature are essential for a truly sustainable city, so now is your chance to voice your support for the District’s 40% tree canopy goal. Click here and follow the instructions below to tell plan coordinators that you want to see our city’s tree canopy continue to grow.  


Provide your information (if you’d like) and select ‘myself’

Select Goal 2: Protect and expand tree cover…” and then click next

Select the drop down menu and click “Target 2: By 2032, cover 40% of the District with a healthy tree canopy…” and then click next

Write a comment about why trees are important to you! For inspiration visit page 8 of Casey Trees’ Citizen Advocate Handbook.

Click Submit and you’re all set! Thanks for helping cement the future of the District’s trees. Interested in speaking up for trees throughout the city? Considering becoming a certified Tree Advocate and learn how to testify on legislation and provide public comments, among other advocacy actions.

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