Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Show Us Your Favorite Local Tree!

Do you have tree blindness? An intriguing and widely shared New York Times Opinion article (featuring a local tree person!) was all about curing tree blindness – a.k.a. once you start noticing something  you can’t stop. Once you discover that the bright pink tree outside your house is, in fact, a redbud, which has heart shaped leaves and pea pods in the summer, you’ll find yourself noticing them outside your grocery store, while walking through the park, and other surprising places. It is truly enriching!

However, as a recent Guardian article pointed out, urban trees are unfortunately dying at fast rate and are seldom replaced. To showcase the importance of urban trees (they provide numerous benefits, after all!), the author implored people to take a photo of their favorite street tree to send in for an album.

In D.C., we have a pretty robust street tree planting, care, and maintenance program thanks to the Urban Forestry Division – but we still think trees are worth celebrating everyday!

Therefore, we’d love to see your favorite neighborhood tree! Is it a RiverSmart Homes tree you had planted in your yard? A tree you planted yourself and got a rebate for? A tree that has been in your neighborhood longer than you have? The tree that helped cure you of tree blindness? Post your tree photos to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram and be sure to tag them with #OurUrbanForest and @CaseyTrees!

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