July 17, 2017 /
Jona Elwell

The Next Generation: Green Zone Environmental Program

One thing you can definitely say about working with trees is that it is not necessarily a field known for immediate satisfaction. The benefits of mature trees may take years to manifest, and urban forestry planners are typically planting trees with future streetscapes in mind.

You can also apply this long term thinking to our approach to the future of urban forestry: Investing in the next generation! Our urban canopy simply cannot survive without dedicated generations. We have TreeWise, our School Tree Plantings, and last but not least, our partnership with the Green Zone Environmental Program (GZEP).

Every summer, GZEP provides over 300 youth and young adults with an opportunity to learn about energy and environmental issues, complete community-based environmental work projects, and prepare for careers.

Throughout the summer we’re showing them all the different work we do throughout the District, and how they can turn a love and appreciation of trees into a career. First up? We put them to work! (Sort of.) After a morning of fun activities, we really get their hands dirty inventorying trees in Anacostia Park.

This is not our first partnership with GZEP, and hopefully won’t be the last! Stay tuned for what else we have in store for GZEP.