Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Summer Lovin, Had me a Blast (at a Casey Trees Volunteer Opportunity)

Are your weekends jammed packed until Labor Day? No? Let us fix that with one of our volunteer opportunities! Between advocacy workshops, inventories, and outreach events, we have something for everyone this summer:

Throughout the Spring and Summer | Outreach Volunteers
Share your love of urban tree canopies and Casey Trees with D.C.! Outreach Volunteers are ambassadors of Casey Trees that promote our work at various events throughout the city, such as farmer’s markets, festivals, and neighborhood gatherings. Largely held outdoors, outreach volunteers at these events help spread the word about preserving and promoting D.C.’s tree canopy and green spaces.

Saturday, June 17 | Park Inventory: Triangle Park (San Martin Statue)
Nestled by the National Mall and the George Washington University, we need your help inventorying trees in Triangle Park (San Martin Statue Park). This is a great opportunity for Citizen Scientists, people looking to hone their tree identification and measuring skills, or anyone looking to get outside and learn.

Saturday, July 6 | Park Inventory: McPherson Square
As we continue inventorying trees throughout the District, help us at McPherson Square. You’ll receive a short, hands-on training on site.  After learning the tools and techniques participants will split up into groups and begin measuring trees.

Monday, July 8 | Stand Up for Trees
Learn how you can protect DC’s trees at this fun, interactive workshop. Stand Up for Trees will prepare you to navigate DC’s unique political geography to help increase tree canopy in your neighborhood and across the District. Certified Tree Advocates will be on hand to share their experiences and answer your questions.

Saturday, July 15 | Park Inventory: Southwest Waterfront Park
This reestablished waterfront destination needs inventorying! Join us as we document tree species, height, diameter of the trunk, width of the crown and more.

Saturday, July 20 | Park Inventory: Franklin Square
Come spend an evening with Casey Trees on the historic Franklin Square! Put your tree skills to test (or learn some) while we survey trees throughout the square.

Saturday, August 5 | Park Inventory: Garfield Park
Join Casey Trees on the last inventory of the season at the beautiful Garfield Park. Many of these trees have never been surveyed before and we need your help. Want to put your tree skills to the test before fall sets in?

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