June 19, 2017 /
Jona Elwell

Fight For Shady, Enjoyable Neighborhoods for All – Become a Tree Advocate

Our city’s parks present an untapped opportunity to green D.C. Trees make parks more beautiful and enjoyable for residents – especially during these hot summer months— but too many of our local parks don’t have enough trees.

If you want the District to plant more trees in parks, create more sustainable developments, or protect more of our city’s oldest trees, join us at Stand Up for Trees.

Stand Up for Trees is a fun, interactive workshop where you will learn how to make new development projects greener and influence city leaders who have the power to protect and prioritize D.C.’s trees.

You can talk with our Certified Tree Advocate volunteers about their success advocating for trees. After completing this class, you will be an official tree advocate with access to resources and opportunities.