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Say Hello To Our Newest Staff Member

Casey Trees is excited to present the newest member of the Casey Trees team, Diane M. Friedman! Diane is our new Office Manager and we are thrilled to have her on board. To get to know her a little better, we asked Diane a few questions…

Casey Trees (CT):  Where are you originally from?
Diane Friedman (DF): I am from Wales, Maine which is a very small, rural town.

CT: What was it like growing up there?
DF: I grew up on a Christmas tree farm, thus, my affinity for trees.  My town was so small, it didn’t even have its own post office. We had a regional school shared with two neighboring towns. Today, my memories of it are much more idyllic. However, growing up I couldn’t wait to leave.

CT: And why did you decide to leave?
DF: Wanderlust, I guess, and college.

CT: Where did you go to college and what did you major in?
DF: I attended Assumption College in Worcester, MA and I majored in International Relations and French.

CT: What is your favorite national park?
DF: Acadia National Park in Maine.

CT: If you had to live in the desert, rain forest or tundra, where would you live and why?
DF: I lived for a time in the Sahel in West Africa, and as someone who is almost always cold, I found the temperature/weather to be very agreeable.

CT: Which is your favorite DC park?
DF: I think Rock Creek Park is my favorite.  I live next to a trail that connects to Rock Creek Park and I often run there in good weather.

CT: Do you have a favorite hobby?
DF: Running, hiking, gardening. I’m a certified beekeeper, but I have never had my own hive.

Diane has been essential in keeping the Casey Trees office up and running smoothly and we are grateful that she has decided to join us!

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