Blog Post By Italia Peretti

Meet Earl Eutsler

Recently we caught up with the new leader of the city’s Urban Forestry Administration (UFA) – Earl Eutsler, Washington DC’s Chief Forester and one of Casey Trees’ (CT) most important partners in our efforts to restore, enhance and protect the tree canopy of the nation’s capital. Mr. Eutsler was confirmed this past August in his new leadership role.

“I am excited to continue working closely with Casey Trees. Our recent joint park inventory effort highlighted the strength of working together.  Both of our groups bring unique elements to the relationship and ultimately the public wins because we are able to deliver more– more tree advocacy, more awareness, and hopefully more support,” said Eutsler.

The new Chief is a certified arborist, holds specializations in municipal and utility forestry, and is a qualified Tree Risk Assessor.  He has degrees from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and Johns Hopkins University. Within the Urban Forestry Administration, Earl directs a team of 20 certified arborists, two landscape architects, several staff assistants and a capable field crew, all of whom provide unparalleled care for our city’s trees. Earl has worked with this team to improve the city’s overall tree canopy through innovation, vigilance, and, increasingly – partnership.

One of the Chief’s big pushes continues to be monitoring the urban forest: “We are employing a range of technological approaches to improve our understanding of how the urban forest, both public and private, is changing,” he said.  “Through these monitoring efforts we are able to better assess how effective all of our tree planting and trees protection efforts are working.”

“Earl has been instrumental in helping us launch several new initiatives over the past six months,” said Mark Buscaino, Casey Trees’ Executive Director, “including a successful volunteer park inventory program and commissioning a joint CT/UFA employee who is working to generate more interest in tree planting across the District. All of us at Casey Trees, including our Board of Directors, are pleased to have Earl on board with his knowledge, experience and commitment to DC’s precious tree canopy.”

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