Blog Post By Jason Galliger

Why We Need More Team Leaders

When Mayor Muriel Bowser announced the Canopy 3000 initiative in December 2015, we were thrilled. Not only did the Mayor commit to putting more trees in the ground, she also engaged partners across industries showing that our urban forest is vital to each and every person who lives, works, or visits the District of Columbia.

One benefit of the grant program is that it doubles the amount of trees we are planting this fall, stretching Casey Trees’ resources significantly, especially our devoted corps of Citizen Forester Team Leaders.

Undoubtedly our current cadre of 99 Team Leaders are a dedicated bunch, each volunteering their time and energy season after season. But due to the increased number of trees to be planted this fall, demand for this group will rise.

So we are putting out a call for all interested volunteers to come out and attend our Tree Planting Workshop on Saturday, October 1 at the Armed Forces Retirement Home.

Attending this class is the first step to becoming a Team Leader.

So please sign up and help us plant even more trees this year!

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