Citizen Forester

Our Citizen Forester courses educate tree stewards to identify, plant and advocate for trees in D.C. Depending on your interests and experience, you may choose to participate as a Citizen Forester, Team Leader or Lead Citizen Forester.

Citizen Forester (CF)

Citizen Foresters represent a group of over 1,700 dedicated students that have taken one of our four Citizen Forester classes:

  • Trees 101 – January and August
  • Trees 201 – April and September
  • Stand Up For Trees – Varies
  • Tree Planting Workshop – March and October

These events are available seasonally and can be found on our events calendar. Advance registration is required.

Team Leader

Team Leaders lead a team of volunteers at our Community Tree Plantings that take place in the fall and spring. Recognized by their red vests, every Team Leader is given a group of 3 to 5 volunteers and is responsible for the quality of the tree planting and the safety of the team.

Team Leaders must complete the Tree Planting Workshop that is offered twice a year in March and October. Team Leaders must also work with a mentor at a minimum of two plantings in the same season in order to pass the training. No prior experience is necessary.

Lead Citizen Forester

Lead Citizen Foresters assist with tree selection and placement in advance of the planting. Lead Citizen Foresters must attend all the Citizen Forester classes and qualify as a Team Leader.