August 22, 2016 /

We Need YOU!

Dear Team Leaders,

It is my pleasure to announce we will be planting this year (fall 2016 and spring 2017) the most number of trees ever planted through our community tree planting program. Thanks to the citywide Canopy 3000 initiative, Casey Trees will plant 1950 trees over the next two seasons.

Because of this increased demand, I am personally reaching out to ask for your help recruiting new volunteers. Our efforts will require even more Volunteer Team Leaders to help get these 1950 trees in the ground!

We aim to train and graduate at least 30 new Team Leaders into our Casey Trees’ family of volunteers, and I hope that you, your friends, family, and coworkers will answer our call.  Please sign up for the Tree Planting Workshop  on October 1st!

To become a Team Leader one needs to attend the October 1st tree planting workshop, then attend two tree plantings as a Team Leader candidate in the same planting season. Once your Team Leader mentor gives the go-ahead, you’ll graduate and receive your honorary Team Leader red hat at your third tree planting.

In the words of Uncle Sam: “We need you!”

We hope you’ll consider supporting our tree planting efforts by becoming a Team Leader.

With Gratitude,

Erica Young, Volunteer Coordinator

Sue Erhardt, Director of Education