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Tales of Tree Rebate

Ever wonder how our Tree Rebate program works? Whether you have participated yourself, or you are considering planting some nice shade trees to keep you cool this summer, hear what one of our most frequent participants, Steven Feingold, had to say about his experiences with getting rebates for 8 of the trees he planted in his yard.

What initially attracted you to the Tree Rebate Program?

I was planning to plant trees around my yard anyway, but the Tree Rebate Program encouraged me to get a larger tree than I would have originally considered. In my case, the rebate money went towards buying additional plants for the garden, so it really just amplifies what I myself can do to enhance my surroundings.

Why did you choose the trees that you did? (Big Leaf Magnolia, Shagbark Hickory, Yellow Buckeye, Sassafras, Black Cherry)

I’m a big fan of planting native plants. I used to intern with a Garden Association in North Carolina a couple years ago and there are great ecological benefits in terms of wildlife, food, and all kinds of insects that can be fed on by birds and such. In general, I try to pick plants that I’m used to or that I have seen from my having grown up in North Carolina. The trees I chose are more interesting than the same old Oak or Maple. I already have a maple in the yard and a few lining my street so I wanted to add something different.

How was the application process from your end?

It was very easy. I was already familiar with the program before I began the process, due to my having volunteered with Rock Creek conservancy and two tree plantings I had done with Casey Trees. All I had to do was take a picture of the receipt with my phone, with the trees I had bought circled with sharpie, and send it in to Casey Trees.

Where did you get your trees from? A Nursery?

I got them from Benkhe Nursery; they have a great native plant selection. The National Arboretum also has a once-a-year plant sale that I checked out in April which was pretty good as well.

What would you say to other homeowners who are considering the program, or who are looking to plant trees but don’t really know about the program?

I would stress how easy and convenient it is. D.C. has really hot summers, and anything to keep that AC bill down is a great investment. My house used to have awnings, but I ended up taking them down because now I have cooling shade from the trees.

What is your desire to have these trees in your yard, besides the lower air conditioning costs?

It’s really also for aesthetics. When you drive around the “nicer” parts of D.C. and they’re all tree lined streets that enclose the space, it feels more pleasant to be in. It’s also not as hot, and it has this look of age that you get when you have old trees that I think is just more attractive.

What do trees mean to you personally?

To me it’s about maintaining a healthy system. Half of the time lawns are dried out and dead, but if you have a healthy tree, even if it’s been 3 weeks without rain, the tree still looks pretty good and improves the all-around appearance.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Steven!

If you are interested in receiving a rebate for a tree you purchased and planted in your yard, you can get more information and begin the process here.

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