April 4, 2016 /
Jason Galliger

National Volunteer Week Preview

April 10-17 might seem like an innocuous week to you. But for us, it’s quite special.

Why? Because it is National Volunteer Week.

Our volunteers are the fuel that keeps our engine running. Without them our impact on this city (currently at a little over 22,000 trees) would be significantly less.

We are honoring the service and dedication of all our unique volunteers with content on social media, videos and the blog over the next week. To help you keep track we’ve created a handy schedule. Each day represents a different theme and highlights an aspect of our volunteers:


Theme — Volunteer Hours


Theme — Tree Planting


Theme — Notable Volunteers


Theme — Tree Care


Theme — Citizen Science

National Capital Hebrew Cemetery Tree Planting — we’re still looking for groups or individuals to come out and volunteer for this planting. If you are interested please register or let us know. As a bonus all volunteers who attend this week receive awesome ph-wood Casey Trees sunglasses!!!! 

Look how hip Erica is! Be like Erica. Register to volunteer today.


Theme — Advocacy


Theme — Youth Volunteering

Washington DC VA Medical Center Tree Planting

Stay tuned to our social media and the blog for all of this exciting content. Like what you see? Share it with your friends and family, but be sure to tag us (@caseytrees) and use the hashtag #nationalvolunteerweek.

We will also link to each of these stories on this article as they happen. So you can check back here as well.