April 4, 2016 /
Jason Galliger

Be a Part of Our Summer Crew

If you’ve ever rode around D.C. in the haze of summer you might have seen a bright neon blur zip by you in the bike lane towing a cart-full of water.

Or maybe you’ve escaped the office and are trying to enjoy some shade in park and you see four or five kids pouring water into slow-release watering bags with inverted-traffic cones and 5-gallon paint buckets.

Those are our summer crew.

Each year, we open applications for high school students within the District to apply to be a part of our Casey Trees High School Summer Crew or Summer Crew for short.

This year’s application window has just opened.

High school students who are interested can apply here.

Applications are being accepted until May 15th.

After applications are reviewed, finalists will be invited to tryouts held on June 20-21. Tryouts consist of a field practicum and bicycle training.

So, parents I know what you’re thinking — why would my kid want to join summer crew?

  • They love the outdoors
  • They love trees
  • They love biking around D.C.
  • They love having responsibility
  • They love getting paid

Yes, all of our high school summer crew is paid a competitive hourly rate, with the potential for performance bonuses, professional references for college applications, occasional free food, and a nice base tan that’ll make all of their friends jealous.

Still not convinced?

Check out some photos from last year’s crew.