January 19, 2016 /
Italia Peretti

RiverSmart Homes Structural Pruning

Our RiverSmart Homes Shade Tree Program is a great, cost-effective way to add trees to your private residential property. But did you know that we don’t just plant the trees and walk away for good? Absolutely not!

In addition to making ongoing tree care tips available on our website, we reach out to previous program participants during the three year establishment period to remind them just what should be done at the start of each season so their trees continue to grow and healthy and strong.

We have also been piloting a tree assessment initiative for the past two winters. Participants who planted one or more trees through the RiverSmart Homes Shade Tree Program at least two years ago or more were offered a complimentary tree check-up where our skilled crew members assessed the trees for structural pruning and root collar health since buried root collars and poor branching are two of the main reasons for tree failure.

During each visit, our crew inspects for:

  • Exposed root collar – no volcano mulching
  • Rubbing or crossing branches
  • Dead branches
  • Co-dominant stems

The response has been astounding. More than 140 RiverSmart Homes Shade Tree program participants requested a complimentary tree assessment and we are still making our way around town. With each property having between one to five trees each, we expect to assess up to 700 trees by the end of March.

For more information regarding the RiverSmart Homes Shade Tree program, visit our website.

The RiverSmart Homes Shade Tree program is made possible with funding from the Department of Energy and Environment.