Blog Post By Italia Peretti

Fun with Phenology

The National Phenology Network has set up a simple and fun way for people of all ages to learn and connect with nature, whether it’s in a local park or your own backyard! Nature’s Notebook not only teaches you how to observe, but the observations you collect will be a part of a larger consortium of data that various organizations use to help and protect different plant and animal species!

It takes about 10 minutes to set up your free account on Nature’s Notebook. During the registration be sure to check Casey Trees in the list of partner groups! Once you register you’ll be sent to you “Observation Deck” where you can add specific trees and sites to your observations. If you checked Casey Trees while registering we will have pre-uploaded D.C. based trees for you to help record data. When it is time for you to enter your observations, be sure to enter the time of data collection and possible weather conditions!

Depending on your location you can also track animal species. Remember never try to invade or disrupt the animals or their habitats. This not only helps protect you and them but the data will be more accurate!

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