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Introducing Kristin Taddei

Casey Trees is growing, which means we’re adding great new staff to our efforts to re-tree D.C., and new Planning Advocate Kristin Taddei is no exception. As part of the Design and Advocacy team, she’ll work to convince the powers that be that trees are important to our community. And why was she a great fit for Casey Trees? Let her tell you in her own words!

Casey Trees: Who are you?

Kristin Taddei: I’m Kristin! I love cooking, eating and growing food, and I play violin. In fact, I’m playing some 90s songs on violin for my friend’s wedding in October – how fun is that? I also recorded an album with my fiancé a few years ago. You can find it on Spotify, iTunes, etc. (Dan Jacobs – Creatures). Shameless self-promotion!

I’m very passionate about sustainable development and believe in the potential of cities to become vibrant communities that incorporate usable green spaces. I love biking, running, and yoga-ing and am particularly enjoying my new bike commute to Casey Trees.

CT: What led you to Casey Trees?

KT: Generally, Casey Trees’ mission has resonated with me since I first stumbled upon a Casey Trees tent at a local summer festival in 2011. I also worked with Casey Trees about 3 years ago during my first job at The Cadmus Group, which opened my eyes to the exciting world at the intersection of urban planning, sustainable development and conservation.

CT: And what exactly will you be doing as Planning Associate?

KT: I’ll be working on Casey Trees’ Design and Advocacy team to review and track Washington, D.C. plans and projects related to tree canopy. I’ll be analyzing these plans, advocating for alternatives, developing public comments and delivering design and advocacy training workshops.

CT: Hometown?

KT: I’m from Little Silver, New Jersey, where I grew up visiting the many local farms and beaches (and climbing lots of trees).

CT: Favorite D.C. hidden treasure?

KTY: Probably the deck accessible through my bedroom window in my new apartment. I put a hammock out there and strung up some lights and am very much enjoying it.

CT: Since the word “Planning” is in your title, tell us about a time that a plan you made went awry

KT: How about that time I planned a garden my first year in D.C., but used all the wrong plants and didn’t do my research, and they all died by August? Does that count? Let’s just say I’m on the upswing of the learning curve and my garden is doing just fine this summer.

CT: Your desert island packing list – go:

KT: My bike, so I could get around the island, salt, so I could flavor my foraged food (say that three times fast), and my orange tabby cat, IllyCat, who follows me everywhere at home.

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