Blog Post By Casey Manning

The spring finale: Planting at The Hermitage

“This was the cherry on top of our spring planting season,” said Casey Trees arborist Becky Schwartz. She’s referring to the June 10 planting of 13 new trees at the Franciscan Monastery Hermitage.

Tucked away in the Brookland neighborhood, The Hermitage, designed by Catholic University architecture students, is a solitary retreat space available to individuals for overnight stays. The modern architecture blends seamlessly into the wooded space that envelops it.

The planting, combining Casey Trees staff and volunteers from the Franciscan Monastery Garden Guild, was meant to enhance the back-to-nature experience of those individuals on retreat.

If your neighborhood is in need of more trees, apply for our Community Tree Planting program, which, if eligibility requirements are met, will provide your community with 10 or more trees and the resources to plant them at no cost.


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