Blog Post By Casey Manning

We’ve hit a milestone

We have news. Big news. News that could never would have been without shared dedication and determination from all of you.

On May 2 at Fort Dupont Park in Southeast D.C., Casey Trees planted its 20,000th tree.

This 11-foot black cherry tree’s journey into the ground marks 13 years of work to restore, enhance and protect D.C.’s tree canopy – none of which could have happened without support from our volunteers and supporters.

And we couldn’t have asked for a better 20,000th tree. Known for both its lush canopy and its tolerance for direct sun, this black cherry tree, when mature, could grow up to 90 feet tall and will produce fruit that’s edible for both humans and wildlife. Underrepresented in Fort Dupont Park, the black cherry will be a hardy and welcome addition to the park’s tree canopy.

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