Blog Post By Casey Manning

Know exactly when to water your tree

Unlike a windowsill herb garden, trees won’t wilt at the first sign of thirst. But just like those first, delicate spring herbs, trees that have been planted within the last three years need regular watering — 25 gallons a week — or they too will die.

They need your help — particularly as temperatures climb and during times of little to no rainfall.

Pledge to water newly planted trees on and/or surrounding your property this spring, summer and fall and we’ll send you a complimentary rain gauge so you know exactly when your tree needs water.

If less than 1.5 inches of rain (approximately equal to 25 gallons of water) collects in the rain gauge during the course of a week, you know it’s time to water.

Pledge to water your trees

We will also be including a weekly watering recommendation right here in the Leaflet and on homepage along with Facebook and Twitter every Monday through September. You can never have too many friendly reminders!

This week’s watering alert: Optional. 

We are tracking close to normal for rainfall for the calendar year, with some showers in the forecast for later this week. 

Need tips on how to properly water your tree? Watch our how-to video.

Need a slow-release watering bag? Shop our store.

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