Growing D.C.’s urban forest involves more than tree planting and maintenance.  Advocacy plays an important role in ensuring that policies and plans that guide the District’s growth also protect the city’s fragile urban forest.

Our goal is to help District residents become informed and inspired to speak out for D.C.’s trees. We have developed the following resources to help you start a conversation with your neighbors, co-workers, and elected officials about the benefits of protecting our tree canopy.

  • The Advocacy Action Center has tools and the latest information for residents and advocates to influence local decision makers.
  • The Citizen Advocate Handbook empowers residents with techniques and instructions for engaging key officials and agencies in order to protect and increase the tree canopy.
  • Become a Tree Advocate and meet fellow tree lovers and advocates, share experiences and ideas and be introduced to strategies that will help you engage with policymakers.
  • Use the Green Issue Briefs to help you advocate for incorporating more trees and green space into the urban environment.
  • Learn about the Tree Canopy Legislation that protects the District’s most valuable natural resource.
  • Review Casey Trees’ Public Comments on development projects in your community and regulations affecting trees across the city.
  • Contact us at advocacy (at) to keep us informed of your advocacy needs