Arbor Kids

Arbor Kids

Welcome to the Casey Trees Arbor Kids page! Want to learn more about trees? Explore the links below for fun activities that will have you exploring your neighborhood and on your way to becoming an expert about trees in the city.


Name That Tree

Can you tell a maple tree from a redbud tree? Learn how to identify some of the most commonly found trees in the District using our Tree ID Guide.


Tree Benefits Scavenger Hunt

Be an adventurer at home and in your neighborhood. Challenge yourself and friends to find all the listed tree benefits in the shortest amount of time.


How Tall Is That Tree?

Ever wonder just how tall that tree is in your yard, school or park? In four easy steps, you can determine the height of any tree.


My Trees: A Home Inventory

Name, count and map the trees at and in front of your home and then add them to the Casey Trees Map. Use our Tree ID Guide to help you.


I want to plant trees!

Each spring and fall we plant trees all across the District. Ask your parent or guardian to sign you up to participate. Remember an adult must be with you at all times.