Citizen Foresters walking to a planting site

What We Do

Restoring, enhancing and protecting the tree canopy in the nation’s capital crosses many disciplines.

Our tree planting programs help make neighborhoods more inviting, environmentally sound and safe while our tree care programs ensure newly planted trees survive the area’s hot and dry summers.

However, not all of what we do involves getting out in the dirt.

We work with community leaders to draft and pass needed legislation, zoning and policies; educate developers and architects so that plans and construction practices protect existing trees and create spaces to sustain large, healthy trees; and use the latest mapping and inventory technology to maintain current information on the health and condition of the District’s trees. We educate the young and old about the value of trees and how to better engage with trees in the community.

We do all this with the help of individuals like you who are committed to creating a lasting green legacy for future generations.