Rooted in community, branching out to others, Casey Trees and our volunteers believe in the value of trees. We invest time and effort to create what we envision for the future — a healthy tree canopy in the nation’s capital.


If you represent a group (5+ people), complete the Group Volunteer Request Form and we will contact you to discuss potential volunteer opportunities.

All volunteers must complete a signed Volunteer Waiver Form before participating.

Volunteer to Plant
Plant trees at Community Tree Plantings (CTPs) that take place across D.C. in the spring (March – May) and the fall (October – December).

Volunteer to Lead
Our Citizen Forester Team Leaders help teach other volunteers how to plant trees and work together as a team at our Community Tree Plantings (CTPs).

Volunteer to Care
Water, weed, mulch and prune trees that Casey Trees planted through our Community Tree Plantings (CTPs).

Volunteer to Advocate
Work to promote designs, policies and legislation that help create and protect great spaces for trees.

Volunteer to Collect Data
Join our core of citizen scientists who traverse the city collecting and documenting tree data that will be used to advance the field of urban forestry.