Advocacy Action Center

Everyone benefits from a healthy tree canopy. Trees clean the air we breathe, manage stormwater, keep us cool, reduce our stress levels and so much more. Use these resources to advocate for trees to ensure a healthy urban forest for generations to come.

Fund UFA!

Casey Trees’ Mark Buscaino tells the DC Council why restoring the Urban Forestry Administration’s tree planting budget is a top priority for the District if we are to remain the City of Trees.

Tree Canopy by Ward

The District has a goal to achieve a 40 percent tree canopy for the entire city by 2032. Find out if your ward is on their way to achieving this goal and which ones need additional support.


Certified Tree Advocate

Our Tree Advocates Program is designed to develop a network of trained volunteers — ready to stand up for trees in their neighborhood and across the city. Offering expertise, resources and support, we help you effectively connect with city leaders and other residents to push for change in their communities.

To become a Certified Tree Advocate you must:
- Attend Stand Up for Trees
- Participate in four advocacy actions.  Advocacy actions include signing a petition, attending advanced training workshops, talking to District officials or commenting on development projects in your neighborhood.

All Certified Tree Advocates receive special recognition and a special Tree Advocate-embossed Moleskin notebook. For more information on becoming a Certified Tree Advocate, contact us at